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i forgot to mention... :P

but i was at korpiklaani-gig in berlin/germany last month... but to lazy making photos...
well, even audience was veeeeery great, the band was really quite poor...

'So, the tour's been on it's way now a bit over a week or something. The first real gig (not counting the crappy Sweden or the ferry) was in K17 in Berlin. We are already old faces there since this was the third time there, second time in the bigger hall. Berlin never fails. The band maybe wasn't at it's best, but audience was. Lot's of familiar faces and a good party. No idea of how many people were there, but enough to make a huge noise.' (by jarkko)

even i was demaged and ill i went then two weeks later to groningen/netherlands seeing korpiklaani again
this time audience was not the best (even there were so many sooo nice people (liked to hug you ^^'))
but the band was a bit better (esp. jonne), but still not like i'm used to see before
noticed that esp. cane is acting very passive nowadays no more jumping around making fun with jonne on stage...
but even... a few pics :)
click here
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