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new album


'We've been on the studio again every now and then since last spring and seems like we have now new material more than we can put for an album.It is actually ready and mixed already.The album will be long but we just couldn't drop down any of these 14 songs.It was painful enough try to choose, which songs will be as bonus tracks.Anyway, we will offer to you 14 new songs + 2 bonus tracks on the Album which will be called Korven kuningas.Translated in english "King of Woods" Cover of the album will be first time painted, not photoshopped.(We are learning always something about your criticism, we notice here in the forum)Adventures Vaari is again working on the cover, so the cover will be familiar and faithful for eveyone nevertheless, that technic will be different now.'

i'm looking for their new stuff... hoping they will arleady play something new at their concerts now in autmn
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