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As some of you might know, the clan are tourning Japan in September, after the Summer festivals. They're playing 3 shows (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka)..

Afterwards, I guess, they'll be tourning a bit of Europe as well.. It's not on their website yet (for some obscure reason), but our venue's website says they're here in Belgium on the 31st of October. A couple of days later they're playing at the German Ultima Ratio folk metal festival..
I suppose you can expect more dates soon..

Besides, who of you has the new album yet? With the bonus DVD from Wacken? (I'm on it for a couple of seconds ^^)
It's an awesome album imo.. but I knew that before.
BTW, as some of you know, I used to be coralonline, but now returning to you as palovana, indeed one of the new album's songs =)

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