Lumi-Talvikki (lumitalvikki) wrote in forestclan,

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I've got an idea.

Okay, it probably doesn't come as new to anyone but this community is more or less fucking dead. Its life is basically in Kattilaklaani's hands because in the end, we are the ones who post and comment the most. And enjoy doing so! No one else seems to be bothered.
It is a pity because Klaani is the greatest band around... but of course not everyone can be as enthusiastic about a certain band than what others are. So... we were just wondering if perhaps the management of this community could be handed to us? For we know how to do it the right way. Starting from the layout...

Who thinks this is a good idea? You've all seen the interesting posts we are capable of briging you... don't you want more news and pictures? And what says the moderator?
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