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Time for a decent picspam now. It's been such a long time since the last picspam, or since the last update in this community... Anyway, this picspam is a bit too Jonne centered, so please forgive me. But we just need to accept the fact that the best Klaani related pics are of Jonne, right? :D
Oh yeah, be prepared for excellent party pics after next weekend. Kattilaklaani tuhoaa!!

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Honestly, we need to move to Lahti.

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I wanna bite that lip, too

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Kuolisin jos olisin ton jalkojen välissä :,D

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Yummy. Ihmissusi is pretty hot in this pic, too!

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They just love each other. <3 (hahaa!)

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Why is Hittis always alone? Anyway, he's still hottis.

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Nice view. Jonne's the king of the world!

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Are they all laughing at Juho, or what? Sampsis is there too!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Beer beer!!

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Thank you very much for posting these unbelievably hot pictures! There were a few I hadn't seen before, which is always nice. Your post really made my day, I couldn't but smile while browsing... :))

Khih, Hittis is hottis and hopefully we'll get to party with him and get some more of those photos og him giving us the finger or doing stupid faces. :D However, I'd never want to witness Jonne in that position he's in on the last one, like, what the fuck is he doing!?!!? I mean really. Anyhows, I suppose the guys are laughing at Juho, at least it pretty much seems they're doing so. Hehe, Sampsa looks funny, the way I'll always remember him. :')

I can't wait for some sekolation (pics)!! ^^
You're welcome, the pleasure was mine. ;) I found some nice gig pics from that feelfreefoto site, but I decided to post just a few of those here.
I can't help smiling every time I see a Klaani pic...

Hittis' stupid faces were awesome, though Kalle made some hilarious faces at LPR, too. :D I miss Hide and the other guys, too. I hope that many of them comes (höhöhöh) next weekend... And it would be nice to see Sampsa and for example Viitala, too.
The last pic of Jonne actually is pretty horrible... I mean Jonne is fucking hot, but the briefs that I can see he's wearing under his trousers are absolutely horrible. Who the fuck wears such underwear anyway...
I wonder what Juho has done if the others are laughing at him, he himself doesn't look too happy... Hahaa.

Only 6 days or something left til sekolation. Yay!
That humppaporo woman has some pretty nice pics on her site, I've been searching through many a times too. :) Klaani pics are the best. Some of them are just too good-looking. ;)

It'd be nice to see Sampsa and Viitala too... maybe you could ask Juho to invite people over (if there are any left that can tolerate us...) hehe. Perhaps they're looking at Juho's couture, he looks somewhat like a poppis with those light jeans and beige boots. :P

Yay for sekolation!!


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No idea. But there's a gig in Imatra, Finland, on the 16th of May.

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11 years ago

Weeeeeeeh!! Last pic: BELGIAN fucking beer! XD lol Anyways, just mentioning it ;)
Pics are love really!
That one of Juho and Jonne is toooo slashy sweet! LOL

(That third pic, I don't know what you wrote underneath, though I can sort of.. imagine it oO XD)
Perhaps it was the beer that made Jonne do such a silly pose...!
OMG, someone really should write some Juho/Jonne slash :,D If someone's interested in writing something like that, please let me know when the masterpiece is ready!

I wrote under the third pic "I would've died if I had been between his thighs". Almost dying is what has happened to me every time I have seen him live, haha...
Hmmm... I suppose we could write it. I mean our imagination is pretty dirty, right, and we could add some inside jokes and such to it to give a more realistic touch. :) Yep, let's start the project tomorrow on the train. Though I'd rather hear about Juho and Aaltonen, Jarkkis being as dominant and selfish as he's in real life. :D
No jopas on kuva!!!! :'D
Jonskun housut on vähän rikki. :D
Joo vittu mä täällä saan orgasmeja ku katselen näitä kuvia... :P
Niin mäkin! :)

Musta toi on aika hauska ku sanot tuolla et "ihmissusi on aika hottis tässä kuvassa". Ja muutenki noi kuvakommentit on hauskoja. Ja nä kuvat ihan parhaita. Lisää spammausta pliiiiis! <3<3<3 Klaani <3<3<3
Juu, täytyy kyllä tehdä piakkoin uusi spammi ♥


11 years ago