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i forgot to mention... :P 
10:41pm 19/11/2007
mood: :)
but i was at korpiklaani-gig in berlin/germany last month... but to lazy making photos...
well, even audience was veeeeery great, the band was really quite poor...

'So, the tour's been on it's way now a bit over a week or something. The first real gig (not counting the crappy Sweden or the ferry) was in K17 in Berlin. We are already old faces there since this was the third time there, second time in the bigger hall. Berlin never fails. The band maybe wasn't at it's best, but audience was. Lot's of familiar faces and a good party. No idea of how many people were there, but enough to make a huge noise.' (by jarkko)

even i was demaged and ill i went then two weeks later to groningen/netherlands seeing korpiklaani again
this time audience was not the best (even there were so many sooo nice people (liked to hug you ^^'))
but the band was a bit better (esp. jonne), but still not like i'm used to see before
noticed that esp. cane is acting very passive nowadays no more jumping around making fun with jonne on stage...
but even... a few pics :)
click here
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last eveningmeal 
10:10pm 19/11/2007
mood: lol

'It was said that Jonne also should be among the famous folks on the 'last eveningmeal' painting, but he answered that the posing took so long that he got drunk and fell asleep under the table' (quote: humppaporo)
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new album 
09:32am 03/10/2007
mood: kinda! ok

'We've been on the studio again every now and then since last spring and seems like we have now new material more than we can put for an album.It is actually ready and mixed already.The album will be long but we just couldn't drop down any of these 14 songs.It was painful enough try to choose, which songs will be as bonus tracks.Anyway, we will offer to you 14 new songs + 2 bonus tracks on the Album which will be called Korven kuningas.Translated in english "King of Woods" Cover of the album will be first time painted, not photoshopped.(We are learning always something about your criticism, we notice here in the forum)Adventures Vaari is again working on the cover, so the cover will be familiar and faithful for eveyone nevertheless, that technic will be different now.'

i'm looking for their new stuff... hoping they will arleady play something new at their concerts now in autmn
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Mitä vittua? 
10:28pm 27/08/2007
  I hear disturbing reports that Jarkko was being an absolute arsehole backstage at Bloodstock. These reports are from one of the organisers who I know very well.

Is this a regular problem?
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06:42pm 20/07/2007
mood: excited
Anyone else coming to see Klaani live at Kuopio Rockcock 27/7?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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03:20pm 04/07/2007
  As some of you might know, the clan are tourning Japan in September, after the Summer festivals. They're playing 3 shows (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka)..

Afterwards, I guess, they'll be tourning a bit of Europe as well.. It's not on their website yet (for some obscure reason), but our venue's website says they're here in Belgium on the 31st of October. A couple of days later they're playing at the German Ultima Ratio folk metal festival..
I suppose you can expect more dates soon..

Besides, who of you has the new album yet? With the bonus DVD from Wacken? (I'm on it for a couple of seconds ^^)
It's an awesome album imo.. but I knew that before.
BTW, as some of you know, I used to be coralonline, but now returning to you as palovana, indeed one of the new album's songs =)

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hellish trip 
11:35am 23/05/2007
mood: ok
so here are my photos from amazing riga-gig
i actually was also in tallinn, but too lazy to take pics there *shame on me :P*

steal, kiss, slobber over, fuck them if you like... i don't care -.-V
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Då hjelper dig... someone? 
11:31pm 07/05/2007
  I've had communication from tinaviel who's trying to buy a deleted Korpiklaani girlie t-shirt over t'interwebnet. Only problem is, she found it on a Finnish site and doesn't understand a word of Finnish (apart from the obvious... heh).

So, can anyone give her a hand?

Here's the page: http://www.swampmusic.com/product_details.php?p=331396
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Tervaskanto video 
08:05pm 04/05/2007
  Here's some new shit!


What do you think?
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12:04am 04/05/2007
  29 of April, I was at the great show of KorpiklaanI (support TGE) in Tochka club, Moscow. It was f**king GREAT!!! A lot of beer and wild dances))

some photos here

Jonne was great %))

..waiting for Tervaskanto!! %)))
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10:16pm 19/04/2007
  Hejjjaaaaaaaa, minus eläb hundiraev!! And I'm going to see Korpiklaani with Metsatöll in a month and so are sleepwalker_ & hk50cc.

Just thought I'd let you know... :D Anyone else going to see them this summer? I'm also seeing them at Sauna Open Air...
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11:23am 16/03/2007
mood: and high
for all sleepyheads, korpiklaani uploaded one song of their new album at myspace
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08:40pm 14/03/2007
  Hello everyone, it's me again. This time I am approaching you with a question, which goes something like this...

Anyone else besides me and sleepwalker_ coming to see Korpiklaani and Metsatöll (!!!) to Rock Cafe, Tallinn, on the 18th of May???

It's going to be fucking great! So everyone who lives near or far, do come... yes, yes.
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samples from new album... enjoy! 
09:23am 27/02/2007
mood: *tja*
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03:02pm 26/02/2007
  I just want to tell that I'm leaving this community and will join again as pagan_soul21  that's also me:)  
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Tervaskanto cover art !! 
05:52pm 07/02/2007
  Okay, seriously, it's already 6 pm, how come no one's posted this yet!?

Well, here we go: http://www.korpiklaani.com/news/pics/tervaskanto.jpg

What do you guys think? I like it. It's different, yes, but very well done.
I can't wait to actually get it! The album, that is. May 2007.
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04:52pm 04/02/2007
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I've got an idea. 
01:39pm 31/01/2007
mood: determined
Okay, it probably doesn't come as new to anyone but this community is more or less fucking dead. Its life is basically in Kattilaklaani's hands because in the end, we are the ones who post and comment the most. And enjoy doing so! No one else seems to be bothered.
It is a pity because Klaani is the greatest band around... but of course not everyone can be as enthusiastic about a certain band than what others are. So... we were just wondering if perhaps the management of this community could be handed to us? For we know how to do it the right way. Starting from the layout...

Who thinks this is a good idea? You've all seen the interesting posts we are capable of briging you... don't you want more news and pictures? And what says the moderator?
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05:12pm 18/01/2007
  Salon Kattilaklaani!!

Vittu tää on kuollu ja hilijane paikka. Puhukaa ny ihimeessä jottai perkele! Tai postaisitte ees kuvia aivovammaset munakoisopäät...
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Riemu, rauha, rajuköyry, voittovakka vimmatuuli 
08:06pm 13/01/2007
  Time for a decent picspam now. It's been such a long time since the last picspam, or since the last update in this community... Anyway, this picspam is a bit too Jonne centered, so please forgive me. But we just need to accept the fact that the best Klaani related pics are of Jonne, right? :D
Oh yeah, be prepared for excellent party pics after next weekend. Kattilaklaani tuhoaa!!

back to businessCollapse )

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