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As some of you might know, the clan are tourning Japan in September, after the Summer festivals. They're playing 3 shows (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka)..

Afterwards, I guess, they'll be tourning a bit of Europe as well.. It's not on their website yet (for some obscure reason), but our venue's website says they're here in Belgium on the 31st of October. A couple of days later they're playing at the German Ultima Ratio folk metal festival..
I suppose you can expect more dates soon..

Besides, who of you has the new album yet? With the bonus DVD from Wacken? (I'm on it for a couple of seconds ^^)
It's an awesome album imo.. but I knew that before.
BTW, as some of you know, I used to be coralonline, but now returning to you as palovana, indeed one of the new album's songs =)

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I haven't got it yet but I'll buy it as soon as I get near a record shop. :) Probably on Friday, and digi version with the videos, of course. ;)
If you check the dvd around 18min30, the girl with the white shirt = me LOL =D
Ow btw.. Do you mind if I add you?
Go ahead! :)

Hehe... I'll try to see you from the crowd once I get to see the video. :P It's only live concert, no backstage material?
Yep, it's the main part of the live show, not even everything..
And thanks for adding ;)
No probs. :)
Oh, and I already went and added you. :P
I ordered my copy and hopefully I'll get it in the mail this week... what I've heard of it is really good, though it didn't really hook me right up front like Tales did. I'm sure it will grow on me the more I listen though. I can't wait to see the DVD too!
It's winging its way to me via play.com.

I reserve the right to be annoyed if it's a Dual Disc like VIctory Songs was, because the book-type package doesn't fit in my CD rack. Perkele!
Yup, dual disc in book-type package =/

As it turns out it's not a Dual Disc, and not in a book... what I meant was Victory Songs was one disc, CD on one side and DVD on the other. I should get round to watching the DVD sometime...


It is in a double-thickness digipack, which will fit in my CD rack but has to go in one of the double slots, out of order with the others.

And my frustration with the DVD has been posted on northern_chaos...
I have the digipak version of the album, and I have to say the album itself is better than the dvd due to the poor quality of the gig dvd. Klaani should've done decent (and longer) dvd instead of this!
Who has filmed the dvd???
Yeah, you're right about that.. Also, they should've put the whole show up and not just the main part. Like, there's the crowd singing happy birthday for Juho towards the end of the show and they just left it out =(
Sounds great!! Who wants to see people singing that, and besides, the clip's been all over you tube, I'm sure everyone's seen it thousands of times. :S (Or at least I have. Mleh.)
Some backstage sekolation moments should've been on the dvd, and Kattilaklaani included :P